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Benefits and Features of Dry Van Trucking | JSC Logistics INC

The logistics industry is growing to the next level. The export and import of goods from one place to another have increased the demand for transportation like Dry van Transportation, shipping, and flatbed shipping. And we at JSC Logistics Inc. take pride in offering the same. We have come a long way in providing dry van trucking services to businesses globally. But before that, knowing about the features and benefits of dry van trucking was popular. By this post, we bring you closer to this trucking service’s benefits and features. Let’s know about benefits and features of dry van trucking.

Dry van transportation is one of the most common, dependable, and long-lasting modes of transportation. Shippers prefer dry vans because they protect from the elements and security and are versatile.

Benefits of Dry Van Transportation Services

Theft Protection

Dry van trucks and curtain side trucks offer advantages, yet they may expose and expose your goods. This is not the case with dry vans. When you choose a dry van, your shipment will be secured in a closed container, keeping it safe from theft. Dry vans are ideal for transporting consumer packaged products, electronics, meals, apparel, and furniture. They provide excellent freight protection because they are enclosed on all sides and lockable at the back.

Protection against the Elements

A dry van is an enclosed container in which items are stored. This container will protect your cargo from factors such as wind, rain, and snow while it is in transportation.

Savings on Expenses

Dry vans are less expensive than other modes of transportation. They do not require any specific procedures or service extras to function. Furthermore, dry vans are adaptable and can transport a wide range of cargo.

Versatile Option

Dry van carriers are a versatile alternative because they may be used for various reasons, including the transportation of non-perishable food products and building materials.

  Benefits-and-Features-of Dry-Van  

Saves Time

Dry van carriers also operate in a drop and hook fashion, where any empty trailer is promptly unloaded while a loaded trailer is picked up. This procedure saves you a significant amount of time.

Protects from Weather

These carriers can meet any requirement, such as long-distance, short-distance, or regional shipments. As a result, these are a popular mode of freight transportation because they safeguard your shipment from severe weather problems.

Great Peace of Mind

The dry van truck provides shippers with significant peace of mind as they track their loads throughout the country and across the border. Even more importantly, dry van transportation options help safeguard cargo from threats, vital during the hectic situation.

Features of Dry Van Trucking 

Some of the characteristics of dry van carriers worth considering are as follows:

● The flooring of these carriers is pre-undercoated to increase the floor’s life.

● It is feasible to switch between aluminum and steel sidewalls to reduce tare weight and use a larger payload.

● These dry van carriers can also have lightweight yet heavy-duty aluminum flooring, allowing increased payload, lower trailer weight, and longer floor life.

● Furthermore, our weatherproof sealants are put between all floorboards, and utility-designed gaskets are installed in-between bottom rails and troughs to give superior insulation.

Wrapping Up!

Now, if you are well versed with the benefits and features of a dry van and looking to avail it for your transportation of goods and products, we will help you. We offer top-notch dry van transportation services at the price that lies in your budget. JSC Logistics INC is a leading logistics provider in California. So what are you waiting for? Feel free to connect us for the best help.

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