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JSC LOGISTICS INC - Freight Transportation Services

JSC LOGISTICS INC is one of the best freight shipping companies that is committed to shipping any kind of goods or products. When it comes to the type of the goods, delivery timings, and budget, then we choose the most suitable logistics solution for every freight. Our team will assist you in choosing the safest as well as the most satisfying process for assuring that your goods or products reach their destinations within the specified time frame, no matter if they are shipped by sea, road, or by air. 


Road Freight Transportation Services

We at JSC LOGISTICS INC transport both nationally and internationally. Cargoes that need special handling require specialists who can take care of the goods or products during the entire transportation. We are having experts and have our own fleet of trucks to do it.

Road transport is a standard way of freight carriage and still continues to be a versatile choice today, well-suited to many requirements. At JSC LOGISTICS INC we provide all sorts of transport services whether it is national or international.

With the help of our own truck fleet as well as a reliable network of associates, we will be able to provide you an effective and smooth road freight transportation services.

Ocean Freight Transportation Services

If you require your goods to ship through the water, then we offer you comprehensive experience in ocean transportation services, specialized in the handling of ferrous and bulk goods.

Ocean freight transportation services are the most suitable alternative for carrying large amounts of freight at very affordable prices. At JSC LOGISTICS INC we offer a service of ocean transportation in containers modified to the requirements of your cargo. We work with a variety of transportation companies and charter all or part of ships for carrying any type of stuff, particularly ferrous and ferroalloy products.

Types of Good in Ocean Freight Transport

Types of Good in Ocean Freight Transport

We transport your consignment including: • Reefer Freight: Refrigerated or frozen goods are transported in Reefer containers. • Dry Goods: We use dry Van which is standard size or high cube containers that are able to take a greater amount at the same price. • IMO freight: We ship dangerous goods that can be carried in both dry van and high cube containers.

Rail Freight Transportation Services

Rail Freight Transportation Services

A fast and safe way to transport your shipment is through the use of rail freight transpositions services. JSC LOGISTICS INC takes care of your goods carried in rail to anywhere with a rail connection. So make the most use of a continually expanding international network. We are capable of shipping all varieties of goods by rail for ensuring a quick as well as smooth delivery. Our broad network of associates assists us in transporting your goods to any place by rail. Our rail freight transportation services comprise of putting containers as well as semi-trailers on board the train integrated with our knowledge in managing freight for its rail transportation, including the dangerous goods.

Air Freight Transportation Services

If you need urgent and express delivery of your goods, then we also provide air transportation services in California. As you may know that urgency is a significant factor in many cargo shipments, we have a team all around the world who assists us in enhancing the speed of our services every day.

We work by coordinating with your requirements for making sure the constant tracking of your shipment, especially in the case of urgent freight transportation.

By utilizing different existing air routes, our air freight transportation services allow you to transport any type of cargo anywhere in the world.

Multimodal Freight Transportation Services

If the single method of transportation is not able to provide door-to-door service, then it is only possible by coordinating multimodal freight transportation services.

For any kind of multimodal transportation, you can count on the services offered by JSC LOGISTICS INC. This type of shipping covers coupling 2 or more medians of transport as the goods must reach their destination with assured door-to-door service. Nonetheless, the goods remain inside the same unit or vehicle, usually a container.

Multimodal freight transportation services provide many benefits, but particularly the fact that the freight needs no handling when switching modes of transportation, therefore creating a safer and faster logistics operation as well as you will have savings on working expenses. It also offers savings on packaging while decreasing energy consumption and emissions at the same time, therefore it is also great for our atmosphere as well.