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Road Freight Transportation Services

Being the classic method of freight carriage, road freight transport remains a versatile option even today as it is very suitable for many requirements. Whether you want national or international road transportation services, JSC Logistics Inc. has got it all as per your requirements. 

Road freight transport services are recognized for their advantages such as speed for short and medium distances, flexibility and door-to-door service, etc. It will not take much time for getting the logistics of road transportation underway because they can be easily modified to the needs of the particular route and freight while at the same time providing a very reasonable price.

We at JSC Logistics Inc. transport full cargoes of any kind, saving both of your time as well as expenses. With the help of our own truck fleet as well as a reliable network of associates, we are able to provide you an effective and smooth road freight transportation services.


International Road Transportation Services

We also provide a smooth international overland freight transportation service by ensuring security and timely delivery. With our own fleet of trucks and our trustworthy associates, you will be able to send goods all over Europe, and that is also at very affordable rates. If you want your goods to reach any part of the world efficiently and securely, then we are going to be the best choice for you as we have years of experience in this industry.

Road Freight Transportation Types

When it comes to freight road transport, then a number of variables come into action depending on the variety of shipments to be transported. And various kinds of goods need various kinds of attention for their handling, loading and unloading, and stowage in the truck. But we at JSC Logistics Inc. are experts and have more than enough knowledge for the proper care needed by each variety of goods.

Bulk Cargo Road Transportation

Bulk Cargo Road Transportation

Bulk cargo is cargo that is carried in great quantities without the requirement for packing or packaging because the means of transportation itself operates as a container. Both hard as well as liquid bulk cargo needs very careful stowage in order to reduce cargo damage. At JSC Logistics Inc. we have required experience and knowledge of how to deal with the road transportation of the bulk cargo and not to mention the machinery and instruments required for its handling, especially when the load is of dangerous materials such as fuel, chemicals, etc.

Heavy Cargo Transportation

Heavy Cargo Transportation

Equipment such as cranes or hoisting platforms is required for heavy cargo shipping. JSC Logistics Inc. is having expertise in managing the road transportation of heavy shipments such as machinery, industrial and construction materials. We at JSC Logistics Inc. will provide authorized vehicles for the road freight transport of these sorts of goods and also skilled workers for carrying out the operation, ensuring that your heavy cargo will reach securely at its destination within the specified time frame.

Road Transportation of Dry Goods

When it comes to dry or general road freight, then it means that these cargoes require no specialized transportation equipment or conditions. This covers most of the cargoes transported by road.

These types of goods are carried in packages or on pallets. We subdivide the dry shipment into sections, including loose goods when they have their own packaging like boxes or parcels; and to units, when it is built up of items arranged collectively on pallets or in containers.

Road Transportation Services of Dangerous Goods

Also known as ADR transport (Agreement on Dangerous Goods), the road transportation of dangerous cargoes needs especially delicate treatment and also is subject to legal specifications and obligations.

Accidents associated with the transportation and treatment of dangerous cargoes are capable of causing severe consequences for people as well as the environment. So that is why it is so critical that you must not just hire anybody for the transportation of this kind. This kind of transportation must be done by the company which is capable of handling the cargoes at all of the steps of the transportation process.

JSC Logistics Inc. provides road freight transport services of dangerous cargoes to meet your ADR cargo requirements having full reliability and in agreement with all measures required by the law. When we talk about the packing and stowing of the load in units, we mean the specifications on the packaging, labeling, marking of the units, and safety as well. 

We at JSC Logistics Inc. always work with certified and experienced staff and use permitted vehicles. All of these things allow us to optimize the supply chain so that your shipments reach safe and sound following an incident-free journey.