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Then, I can take the money I earn and pay for a variety of goods and services. As language promotes exchange of ideas, information and intentions, money facilitates the exchange between human beings of goods, services and other things of perceived value. Exchange is the social and economic basis for the evolution of society. Without exchange, each human being must rely solely on his own energies to produce all that he desires or on his capacity to take by force that which is possessed by others.

It makes possible division of labor, specialization and conversion of one type of good or service into any other type. Money, according to economists, is a medium of exchange, store of value, unit of account.

The wages vary from one to another depending on the kind of job people do and the position they occupy in the company. People use the earnings they get from their work in many ways. They buy the necessary things that they need to sustain their living such as home, food, and car. As mentioned in the earlier paragraph, these wages are also used to attain high quality of education.

But these terms merely describe its major functions without really explaining what money is. Even in a smaller scale in business, wages and salaries are important matters when it comes to human. The wages are the proof of peoples effort and devotion to the work they do.

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  • For some people, perhaps, the whole process of making money, investing money, and keeping track of how much they have turns into an end in itself.
  • They get so absorbed in it that they lose sight of the real purpose of wealth, which is to bring you satisfaction.
  • That’s what The Washington Post did in 2012, when multimillionaire Mitt Romney was running for president.
  • If your object is to have a specific level of net worth, start crunching some numbers – figure out how much you need to save each month, and how much you need to earn on your investments, to reach that goal in a specific time.

Imagine I am a musician-a bassoonist in an orchestra-who has a car that needs to be repaired. In a world without money, I would need to barter for car repair. In fact, I would need to find a coincidence of wants-the unlikely case that two people each have something that the other wants at the right time and place to make an exchange.

There are huge differences between people who work and earn wages and people who do not. People who can earn their livings mostly live a life filled with what they want to have.

In other words, I would need to find a mechanic who would be willing to exchange car repairs for a private bassoon concert by 9 AM tomorrow so I can drive to my next orchestra rehearsal. In an economy where people have very specialized skills, this kind of exchange would take an incredible amount of time and effort; in fact, it might be herpes symptoms nearly impossible. Money reduces the cost of this transaction because, while it might be very difficult to find a mechanic who would exchange car repairs for bassoon concerts, it is not hard to find one who would exchange car repairs for money.

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In fact, without money, every transaction would require me to find producers who would exchange their goods and services for bassoon performances. In a money-based economy, I can sell my services as a bassoon player in an orchestra to those who are willing to pay for orchestra concerts with money.

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