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International Shipping Services

JSC LOGISTICS INC offers international freight shipping services that are the best in the industry and is able to ship anywhere in the world within the specified time frame. We are here to help you with the import as well as export of your goods from the initial quote and document preparation to tracking and transportation to the final destination.      


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What is International Freight Shipping?

In international shipping, the shipment is moved across the international borders. JSC LOGISTICS INC streamlines worldwide cargo shipping by using renowned international shipping carriers. JSC LOGISTICS INC will plan, coordinate as well as will work executing your global and cross-border international shipping requirements such as international air freight and ocean freight shipping.            

From the Port

If you require help to get your freight to its final destination when it hits the port, then JSC LOGISTICS INC one of the leading international logistics companies in the U.S.A organizes the domestic freight shipment leg inside the United States, Puerto Rico, Mexico, and Canada. Our trusted carrier network is capable of handling LTL, TL, intermodal, rail, heavy haul, volume, expedited as well as any other means it takes for getting your freight cargo to your final stop. We assist in planning the exact route of travel for your freight and help to make sure that your shipments reach intact as well as on time.

Transporting to U.S. Territories and to the US Island States

Transporting to U.S. Territories and to the US Island States

1. Hawaii is the state of the U.S. and is also outside the continental U.S., like Puerto Rico, meaning that freight is transported in the same way as international cargo.
2. For cargoes to Puerto Rico, we may recommend trucking to the port of Fort Lauderdale where an ocean freighter will be able to make the delivery.
3. For freight to Hawaii, we recommend trucking to a port in California before advancing the cargo through an ocean container.

Crossing the Border of Canada

Crossing the Border of Canada

When you transport goods from the United States to Canada, custom paperwork and duty restrictions are the main part for transporting goods. Your freight agent can help with paperwork and describe the complexities of crossing the border of Canada. The U.S.A. has almost 100 border crossings at the border and these crossings are identified as land ports of entry where border investigations often are done. Making sure that accurate custom paperwork as well as declarations accompany your other shipping paperwork can assist in reducing wait times at the border. Hiring JSC LOGISTICS INC one of the best international logistics companies in the U.S.A., you will be supported by the carriers that ship goods between the United States and Canada every day.

Shipping Goods From Ocean Ports

The most effective way of shipping internationally is to have your goods transported in a cargo container by ocean Freightliner. The Freightliners are large boats and are constructed to include more containers.

Shipping goods through the ocean can be the most effective method of international transport, but it is also the slowest way as it can take between 2 weeks and 5 weeks to ship the container from China to the United States. Transit times also change depending on the coast of the U.S.

And it is also obvious that transporting the shipments from China to the West Coast takes less time than transporting the shipments to the East Coast. Your JSC LOGISTICS INC agent will be able to explain the most suitable plan for your cargo.

International Air Cargo

If you think that all international freight is created equal, then you are wrong. If your shipment is dense, meaning that it is having little footprints taking up minimum space but weighing more than 150 pounds, then air freight can be the ideal choice for transporting your goods.


These freight planes are much bigger than the normal commercial passenger planes, but it is not the only difference. Since they both need the same specific FAA license, but a cargo freighter will have various decks as well as a large cargo door at the underbelly of the plane.


You will also be able to notice that some of the newer Boeing freighters have nose cargo doors, meaning that the whole face of the plane elevates so other vehicles can roll in. The length from the nose to the back of the cargo freighter flight deck is approximately 130 feet. So, you can imagine that how many goods fly over our heads every day.

How Will You be Able to Book an International Cargo?

You are free to inquire about our international freight shipping by calling +1 (707) 702-1256 and can ask for help with international freight shipping and we will be more than happy to answer all of your questions. Our international efforts of shipping will be capable of connecting your international transportation requirement to one of the many carriers in our network. 

You can also contact us to get a free quote and we also work directly with customs agents and carriers for arranging international cargo shipping.