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Everything You Need to Know About Dry Van Service | JSC Logistics INC

Dry van service are utilized for transporting huge amounts of goods, also for oversized cargo including cars and big machines. The trailer is adjoined to a semi-truck and is the most common usual trailer kind that is probably seen on the highways and roads of Europe. The name “dry van” is brought in along with a very logical explanation – these trailers help to stay the cargo dry as well as secured from debris, changing weather conditions, and from the trailer spilling outs.

The purpose is that this form of transport where surrounding trailers are utilized for filled loads, pallet shipping, European groupage services, and all other types of freight forwarding requirements is so well-known, is the fact that it is greatly available and provides multiple advantages both for the European logistics network companies and for their customers as well.

What Are Dry Van Service Used For?

These kinds of trailers are appropriate for the purpose of international freight shipping at both larger as well as lesser distances. They are actually, quite versatile and that’s the reason why they stand among the leading recommended vehicles to utilize by the freight forwarders association members. Several kinds of items and cargo can be transported in dry vans covering non-perishable beverages and goods, textile industry-produced materials and products, construction materials, and several other kinds as well.

They also work best for carrying and transporting huge cargo valuables like vehicles, big machines, and huge machinery parts. Often dry van services are utilized for moving raw materials and small tools and machinery for the construction business purposes as well. Most of the dry vans utilized by the freight forwarders network possess hardwood floors that are unsafe to moisture and condensation and can get spoiled by both the changing weather conditions and by the forwarded cargo.

So overall, it seems like dry van shipping will remain one of the leading, budget-friendly, and recommended modes of transportation throughout Europe. JSC Logistics Inc. brings in top-notch logistics services offering several rates choices and strong transport lanes for dry van service that meet all of your trucking requirements.

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